What do we do.?

Services Include

Bespoke Tarpaulins to suit everyone

Services from All Weather Covers include bespoke PVC covers and cotton canvas covers for almost any type of application – in the garden, DIY enthusiast for classic cars, boats, caravans, barbecues, awnings. You name it, and All Weather Covers can provide a bespoke canvas tarpaulin made to your exact specification.
Typical DIY uses for flat or shaped PVC or cotton canvas tarpaulin include:

  • Covers for patio furniture
  • Covers for barbecues
  • Covers for timber or firewood
  • Covers for cars, caravans or boats
  • Covers for trailers
  • Covers for trampolines
  • Covers for children’s play areas
  • Covers for sand-pit
  • Covers for a patio awning

Replacement Covers

In many instances, we are asked to provide replacement canvas covers for ones which have faded due to age or inappropriate weight of material.

The uses for DIY canvas tarpaulins are many and varied. Back gardens host an amazing variety of applications suited to the use of a canvas tarpaulin or canvas tarp. Depending on the use, different types and weights of canvas may be appropriate.

For those awkward bulky items that maybe cannot be moved or stored elsewhere, but outside and under the elements – a tarpaulin is a simple cover that will offer protection for wind, rain, frost and snow. A canvas tarpaulin or cover can be used to cover patio or garden furniture over the winter, or simply keep it dry for use when the sun does come out on those increasingly rare occasions.

You can order canvas tarpaulins as a flat sheet from a range of stock sizes or have it custom made as either a flat sheet or as a shape that will fit neatly over awkward shapes.

Natural Canvas Tarpaulins

Cotton canvas has, for generations, been the choice covering of gypsy or horse-drawn caravans. This quaint and relaxing form of transport can still be found wandering the foothills of Co. Wicklow and Killarney, Co. Kerry in Ireland, and in Wales where tourists love the ‘get-away-from-it-all’ feeling of sleeping under the stars with just a natural canvas for cover on those ‘warm summer nights’, indeed! The advantage of natural cotton canvas for this application over an artificial material such as PVC is that the breathability of the cotton canvas allows you stay cool on hot nights, whereas PVC not being breathable would lead to condensation and a very uncomfortable night.